Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flippin' Great Dysfunction

The finale of Bravo's "Flippin' Out" aired this week. The reunion show is next Tuesday, and I'm glad I've got another week of Jeff. That guy is crazy. He's such a dysfunctional, control freak, it's unreal, but it's great entertainment. He makes grown men pick up poop. He yells at mothers for spending money on their children. He installed a spy camera to find out what his employees were doing. He's anal to the 100th degree. It's funny.

So, I wonder what the reunion will bring. Hopefully, Jeff will be a jerk, as usual. No one's tuning him to see him be respectful and polite. He only has two employees now. Maybe they'll go on strike and insist on holidays off and use of his beloved computer.

The good thing about Jeff is that he'll remind us all that our jobs could be much worse. LOL.

Did you watch the season? Will you tune in for the reunion? Do you know a Jeff? If so, how do you handle the oppression?

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