Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Hills: The End of an Era

Audrina has left the building. We knew she wasn't totally happy living out in the pool house, but her announcement did seem somewhat sudden. Audrina is a new homeowner, and she wants to take full advantage. She even goes so far as to invite Justin to move in, but he decides to just "let it happen." I think that translates into, "slow down, Audrina."

Audrina wasn't the only person moving a bit fast. Heidi should have taken it easy on the tequila. While working a big Bolthouse party, she decides to throw back a few. Of course, her bosses are none to pleased, but she doesn't comprehend the severity of the situation until she's fired. Getting drunk and talking back to your boss usually results in termination -- or so I've heard -- so, it was only a surprise to Heidi.

Will she leave the working force and sit around on the couch all day with Spencer? Will Justin move in with Audrina? What will the girls do with the empty pool house? Will Audrina and Lauren's friendship survive the move? Will Audrina and Heidi hang out more?

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