Monday, November 3, 2008

Housewives of ATL: Destined for Greatness?

Is it me, or is DeShawn a little off? She claims to be "destined for greatness," but I don't see it. The last time I checked, having an in-house staff (with salon included) does not indicate greatness. Plus, if that fundraiser was any indication, she's got a long way before hitting mediocrity. She didn't even break even and spent twice as much throwing the party than she did in profit. Sad. Her husband didn't seem to surprised at his wife' failed attempt. Interesting.

In other news, it looks like Kim and NeNe are one episode away from estranged. Kim has decided she likes Sheree and wants to be her friend. She's trying to get the three of them to hang out. However, NeNe isn't having it. So, where does that leave NeNe? Alone. That's my guess. At a time when she's struggling with her identity and sending a son off to college, I think friends would be good thing to keep around. We'll see what happens. My guess is that NeNe will eventually mend things with Sheree, so she can stay in the circle.

What do you think? Was Kim wrong for trying to get Sheree and NeNe together? Would it have been "fake" for NeNe to hang out with Sheree, or just mature? What is wrong with DeShawn? Why is Lisa so cool? She's still my favorite.

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