Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heroes: Finally Living in the Present

The latest episode of "Heroes" chronicled just one day in the lives of the characters. There weren't storylines happening in the past and folks having dreams set in the future. I almost enjoyed it.

An eclipse strips the superhumans of their powers. The Petrelli boys fall from the sky mid-flight. Claire tries to stop a bullet with her body, only to end up in the hospital. Hiro, Ando and Parkman end up stuck in Smallville thanks to one of Hiro's ill-timed blinks.

In the meantime, Sylar and Elle are connecting romantically. If that's good news, than Mohinder's new is phenomenal. He's apparently lost his slimy scales and huge, nasty skin boils. Eclipses don't last forever, so what happens to the heroes and villains after the sun and moon separate is any one's guess.

What do you think? Will these regular, ol' humans get their powers back? Will Mohinder remain free of scales? Where was Nathan dragged off to? What's wrong with Daphne's legs, and why is Hiro 10? I'm pretty sure I missed something there.

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