Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Hills: Audrina's Drama

Audrina's trippin.' She hears a rumor that Justin and Lauren hooked up, and she actually entertains the thought. I'll let you read that sentence again and let it sink in 'cause it's not a misprint.

Audrina actually believes that Justin and Lauren had a fling. She confronts both of the accused, and both vehemently deny any wrongdoing. As a matter of fact, they're bot insulted. Lauren compares Audrina to Heidi and clarifies her true feelings for Justin, so there's no misunderstanding. "I think he's disgusting." There!

Lauren had a right to be insulted. She has been a great and loyal friend to Audrina. She seems to be a true believer in "treat others the way you want to be treated." So, the idea that she would stab Audrina in the back by hooking up with Justin is "laughable," as Lo put it. As a result of the rumor, Audrina might just end up without a boyfriend or a best friend. Awful.

In other news, Spencer alienates Holly even more. Heidi's sis comes to visit, and Spencer makes it clear that Heidi doesn't want to see Holly, but Spencer says he'll give Heidi Holly's message. Later, Holly visits her sis at work, and Heidi's stunned to find out that her Spencer never relayed Holly's message.

I guess she should be referred to as Mrs. Pratt. Word has it Heidi and Spencer are married now. Crazy.

Did you watch? Should Lauren forgive Audrina? Is it at all possible that Justin and Lauren did hook up? Now that she's married, will the world ever see Heidi again?

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