Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta: More Ghetto Fabulousness

NeNe finds out that Curtis is not her father! I expected that he would be, as she'd thought all along. Now, she has to decide if she wants to search for her real father. Do I feel a season two coming on?

A few weeks back, DeShawn hosted a terrible charity event that didn't raise a dime. This time around, Sheree hosts a fashion show with no fashions. I'm not sure how I'd go about launching a career as a fashion designer, but I'll venture to say that Sheree may have skipped a few steps. If Sheree took some time off from her massages and gossiping and tuned into "Project Runway," she'd know it's not as easy as sketching and then putting on a fashion show. Go figure.

Lisa's depressed to learn her husband will be playing for a team on the West Coast. Will she become a regular on the "Housewives of Orange County?" Stay tuned.

Did you watch the show? Will NeNe attempt to try to find her father, or let sleeping dogs lie? Will Lisa stay in ATL while her hubby travels to Oakland for the football season? Will Sheree give up on the clothing line and go back to alimony has her primary source of income? Will Sheree and NeNe make amends for the season finale?

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