Friday, November 7, 2008

Real Housewives of ATL: Low Budget What?

So, I think it's official. NeNe and Kim are no longer BFFs. Honestly, I think Kim is upset because when she first shared her singing aspirations with NeNe, Nene joked her. Her feelings were hurt, and she started to question NeNe's friendship. That was magnified when the ladies told Kim how NeNe imitated her, mocking her voice, her looks and even her hair!

I think DeShawn is the one who told Sheree, and Sheree was more than happy to tell Kim; I think. So, Kim retaliated by snubbing NeNe at some lingerie place and then sending her a ghetto-fabulous text in which Kim called NeNe a cheap dog, but not that nicely.

Although I don't think NeNe should have been joking on Kim's skills, I do have to agree that Kim cannot sing. She apparently smokes a pack a day, and is tone deaf, but for some reason she feels she's ready to record an album. NeNe was right to tell her friend the truth, but she could have handled it more maturely, and she should have realized that was a sensitive area for her friend, not fodder for teasing.

So, where does that leave the girls? NeNe's on the outs and stuck with DeShawn. Kim and Sheree are best buds, and Lisa is still about her business.

Will Kim and NeNe reconcile? Will Kim make an album, or will luck smile on us? What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

this whole thing is getting out of hand...nene and lisa are the only 2that are still as real as they were from the beginning of the show!

kim cant sing and i dont know why dallas is wasting his time and entertaining the thought of her having an album! so nene was right to joke on the hoe!

sad face for nene fnding out that curtis is not her dad, i hope that she will be able to bring closure to the situation and maybe find her real dad.

sheree is a mess, how do you have a fashion premiere with no clothes only sketches? and her ex husband looks retarded!

shawny has no personality of her own, she just takes on the personality of whomever she is around at the moment and had a nerve to cry when she didnt raise 1 gets on my nerves with her whinning anyway!

lisa is doing her thing, but i guess she has too afer filing bankrupt, and losing her kids to keith sweat....she has to get back on her feet, especially since since hubby isnt employed anymore...i love their relationship because it seems to show black love, not sure what happens behing closed doors! oh and ed has a great!

cant wait for the finale...i hear kim and lisa exchange some words...yippee!

we mos def need a season 2 of these ladies!