Monday, July 14, 2008

I Love Money: I Love Manipulation?

I wasn't planning to do a weekly blog for "I Love Money," but after last night's display, I feel compelled.

What was presented was probably one of the greatest examples of manipulation ever seen on the tube.

After being deemed the weakest links on their team and having their team members throw them into the elimination pool, Pumkin and Toastee lie and scheme to stay on the show. It was shameful, or at least, it would be ... if these women had any shame.

Pumkin lies about an eating disorder, and Toastee fakes a sprained ankle. Their strategy? The two wanted to seem as weak as possible, so the opposing team would keep them in the game. It worked, but how low do you go? Yes, $250,000 was on the line, but Nibblz took the high road. She was also up for elimination, but she didn't lie. She didn't kiss up. She didn't sell herself short.

Was that the right way to go? She's at home, while her two team members still have a shot at a quarter of a million dollars. What would you have done? Did the gruesome twosome go too far, or were they simply playing the game?

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