Monday, July 21, 2008

I Love Money: The Entertainer Misses the Point

On Sunday's, "I Love Money," the Entertainer becomes team captain and ends up with the power to nominate three people from the opposite team to go home. He ends up voting off one of the stronger opponents, but for a while there, he had viewers scratching their heads.

Instead of nominating three strong players and thinking strategically, Entertainer obviously voted based on emotion. Let's see. He nominated Heather because she's an alleged trouble maker. He nominated Heat because the Entertainer considers him romantic competition. No one really knows why he nominated Mr. Boston, who made himself throw up to prove he's the weakest guy on his team.

I think Entertainer missed the fact that eliminations are a time to get rid of those who threaten his chance at $250,000. His decision to nominate Mr. Boston and Heather may come back to haunt him at some point.

What do you think?

I won't comment on the weird kissing challenge, but I do think Chance should go home next.

Who's playing the game the best? Should Entertainer be team captain again? Who would you kiss for $250,000? On second thought, don't answer that last question. LOL.

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