Thursday, July 10, 2008

America's Next Top Model on Menopause

TV Land isn't too big on original programming, but "She's Got the Look" was a good attempt. It wasn't a show with an unheard of concept. It was basically, "America's Next Top Model" for mature women. I liked it.

Women, 35 and above, competed for a modeling contract. It was kind of dry, but it showed women with strong minds and bodies doing their thing. You don't see that in reality TV too often.

Most of the contestants were likable. Eboni, a dark complexioned lesbian, had some identity issues, but for the most part, all the women were well-adjusted. Initially, I was routing for Hope, but just when she started to get a little cocky, she was eliminated. So, my second choice took the prize.

The 45-year-old winner of the show is also a mother of five. Congrats.

Did you watch? Would you watch? Do you think there's a shortage of older women on TV? Should there be a great presence, or would that mean low ratings for the networks?

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