Monday, July 20, 2009

T.O. Brings His Game to VH1

The "Terrell Owens" show premieres on VH1 tonight. From the extended trailer, it's a little hard to determine exactly what the show's about. T.O., the man the NFL couldn't tame, moves to L.A., and I guess he's trying to get his life together. He's romantically pursuing an ex, and he's got two black women offering him advice. I'm gonna tune in to watch, but skeptically.

If nothing else, the show should be good for a few shots of a shirtless man who puts other VH1 reality stars, Chance, Real, Flavor Flav and even R.J., to shame! A friend of mine plans to watch strictly for the eye candy. LOL.

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Will you watch?

1 comment:

Orgen Nabru Lafwalnu said...

A friend saw the first episode already and said it was awesome. I watch any reality show so I'm sure I'll check this out at some point. But for now I'm devoted to Intervention and Operation Repo!!