Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Reasons Sandhurst Should Win

The finale of season two of "Make Me a Supermodel" airs this week.

The second season was leaps and bounds better than season one. There was a more interesting and diverse group of wannabes, who were all pretty likable. The challenges were more ... challenging. I, for one, tended to agree with the judges more times than not, which is always good. You hate to see your favorites booted off early, especially for a bogus reason like, "you're too sexy." (That's Tyra's favorite ignorant reason to kick aspiring models off her show, but I digress.)

Another reason season two prevails is because of Sandhurst. How could viewers not love this guy? In addition to just being fine, he's funny and smart and will hopefully take the title this season.

Below are my 10 reasons Sandhurst should win:

1) His chiseled, sculptured body.

2) His chiseled, sculptured body. (worth repeating)

3) His sense of humor.

4) His compassion.

5) His humility.

6) His accent.

7) His debunking the stereotype that all male ballet dancers are gay.

8) His easygoing personality.

9) His ability to take instruction and improve.

10) His raw talent as a model, particularly on the catwalk.

Do the other two have all these qualities? I'll admit Jonathan seems pretty cool, but does he have that magnetic personality that Sandhurst has? I'll let you think about it. No. Branden might be cool, but that "e" in his name is enough for me to hold a grudge.

So, that leave Sandhurst. Will he be made into a supermodel? I hope so. What do you think?

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