Monday, June 1, 2009

The Hills: An End of an Era

"The Hills" as we know it is over. I'm going to miss Lauren. Out of the "Laguna" crew, she was definitely the most lovable -- obviously. Now, she's gone, and we're left with Audrina, Stephanie, Brody, the Pratts and Kristin.

I can understand why MTV decided to bring Kristin back. It continues the whole "Laguna Beach" tie in, and she just may be controversial and nostalgic enough to hold the attention of "The Hills" and "Laguna" fans.

I, for one, am skeptical. Lauren was mature, and you sort of rooted for her 'cause she often made sense, was rational and tried to avoid drama; although, it followed her. In contrast, Kristin will more than likely bring the drama and will irritate viewers. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself.

Regardless, I will give he show a chance this fall. I have a feeling Kristin will irk my nerves, but maybe she's changed since her "Laguna" days; although, the previews don't support that.

What do you think about Lauren's departure, Kirstin's return and the Pratts?

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