Sunday, August 16, 2009

Starmaker: Not Just Another Diddy Reality Show

MTV premiered a new reality show last tonight. Just like "Making the Band," "Making His Band" and "I Want to Work for Diddy," this show is executive produced by none other than ...

...wait for it ... Diddy!

I was surprised today when a friend told me that Diddy is planning to release an album soon. It's shocking that he'd have time between popping up all over MTV's primetime lineup.

I was also surprised that the show was kinda good. After so many reality show singing competitions, I wasn't expecting anything new, but Diddy's group of wannabes can actually sing. They were entertaining, and no one was up their performing for the sole purpose of being the morning's funniest clip on YouTube. Even those that got negative feedback from the judges were 100 times better than the worst of "American Idol."

Now, will Diddy find someone to turn into a star? After his "Making the Band" failures, I doubt it, but like those other shows, it's entertaining for now, and that's really all that matters from the viewers' standpoint.

Find out more about the show here.

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