Sunday, August 16, 2009

ANTM: The Cycle Continues

A new crop of wannabe models make their way to reality TV history Sept. 9 when "America's Next Top Model" returns. The show is stale but reliable. You know the formula. You know what to expect, but it's still entertaining at times ... like that relative who doesn't know when to turn down that last drink. It's so expected, you're not at all phased, but you still watch and even get a sick sense of comfort in the familiar.

Tyra tried to mix things up this season by featuring hopefuls who are shorter than the average model. I'll give her props for that. I've often wondered why models are required to be so tall. Most folks aren't model height, and it seems designers should produce for the masses. No?

I doubt whether this "twist" will add anything new to the show, but I'll tune in to find out. I wonder if other "demographic" seasons are in the works. Maybe there could be a full figured season, or big boob season ... the possibilities or endless.
What type of seasons would you like to see? More short girls, too tall girls, big butt girls, or guys?

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